IDACS Project

The PSA IDACS has been set-up by the European Commission to support Member States in setting up data collecting for alternative fuels and make the data available through the National Access Points and to develop an effective, EU-wide coordination mechanism to assign unique identification codes to CPOs and EMSPs. The PSA has a duration of three and an half years (2019-2022) and its Consortium consist of 15 Member States: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain.

The Consortium had to develop a format for the establishment of the first 5-digits of the e-mobility IDs for CPOs and EMPs and an EU-wide/coordinated approach regarding the remaining digits of the e-mobility IDs. Each of the Consortium-members has to establish an ID registration organisation (IDROs) at national level responsible for issuing and management of e-mobility IDs within each of the participating Member States. And a common ID Registration Repository (IDRR) needs to be established for the exchange between national IDROs.

Furthermore, the Consortium mandatorily must collect data related to alternative fuels infrastructure, namely electric charging points and hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS). 

Regarding electric mobilty, MOBI.E as part of the Portuguese Consortium is the entity responsible for actively implement the project goals.


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